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We specialize in applying bold eye-catching vehicle wraps to advertise your business whether you’re selling pizza or consulting services lean on us at wicked sticky to drive your business by boosting awareness about the company through what are essentially moving billboards exposure is the name of the game here no need to invest in stagnant advertising posters and signs go wherever your customers go by kicking your advertising strategy up a notch

Whether you have a van SUV truck or sedan of vehicle wrap lettering provides you with sufficient advertising at a fraction of the cost of traditional print advertising because you’re on the go you get exposure in many different areas to reach the widest audience possible. Grab the attention of your customers as they sit at a red light or walk down the street research says that you have six seconds for motorist to read and comprehend your vehicle wrap which is where we come in.

We crafter wrap to have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time get the word out about your brand build recognition and reap the rewards. Our team can expertly install high-quality vehicle wraps featuring one-of-a-kind designs with text that captures and conveys your message instantly.

Storefronts & Signs

In order to appear professional your storefront or building exterior needs to reflect that rather than crudely designed signs in hand-drawn ads, choose us to create professional storefront lettering in designs and fonts that are in line with your brand.

Our in-house designers and installers are happy to sit down with you to go over some design ideas and really understand the essence of your business.

Vinyl graphics, window lettering.. We do it all

The goal is to streamline your design get it in front of your customers and attract them to learn more about what’s inside.

Here are a few benefits of professional storefront window lettering

  • Promotion of brand awareness to passersby
  • Effective advertisement of products and services
  • Eye-catching displays with industry specific buzzwords
  • Professional image that places you at the forefront of your industry


What about the interior of your business? We do that too! Our interior wall graphics are sleek and gorgeous adding and undeniable accent to your business that stands out from the competition.


Want to take your design with you? Get it on a customized T-shirt! We offer an array of styles fits and sizes for men and women. We will work with you to create the perfect wearable design that will catch attention where ever you wear it. Perfect for any occasion or use, these T-shirts will unite your group and allow you to create many memories together.

Our exemplary graphic designers at wicked sticky will create a design that you are sure to love!

They will work with you to understand your needs your style and how to make your T-shirt design standout.

Banners & Decals

Our custom decals will added and extra element of personalization for what ever occasion you need. The eye-catching design will elevate your business event or whatever use you may need them for.

Whether it be for business or personal use the level of quality in and your decals and banners are sure to wow everyone who sees them! Our designs are made specifically for you by our team of incredible graphic designers. The level of personalization in your design results in streamlined brand for your business event.

We make sure your needs are met and are determined to provide you with a wonderful experience as well as an unforgettable outcome.

Business Cards

Let us design the perfect business card for you!